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In central Istria, not far from the Mirna River, you can find one of the most beautiful towns in all of Istria - Motovun. If you decide to visit this picturesque little town, make sure to take a walk on its defensive walls, whose origins date back to the 11th and 12 centuries. Today, they represent both a valuable cultural and historical monument and a popular promenade for Motovun's local population and the town's many visitors. 

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  • A walk along the Motovun walls is a genuine journey into history, a visit to the Illyrians and Celts who found the perfect location for their fortresses on this very hill 277 m high.
  • Motovun was under the Venetian rules for the largest part of its existence, from the 13th to the 18th century, and the Venetians had used 2 rings of walls for the town's protection. The inner ring around the oldest part of the town dates back to the 13th and 14th century and passes through the inner town gate. The second ring of the town walls was located around Podgrađe (on the southern hill slope) and you can enter it through the outer town gate dating back to the 15th century featuring a display of various stones and interesting emblems.
  • The inner side of the walls used to hold many armouries from which hot oil and stones were thrown at the enemies.
  • If you visit the main Motovun square, visit the Church of St. Stephen and, once you're there, visit all other Motovun sights as well.
  • After you have visited all of the town's beautiful sites, take a break on Josef Ressel Square, a square named in the honour of the 19th century inventor of a ship's propeller, and enjoy the view of the tame Mirna River and the Motovun forest known for truffles.

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