About us

Valamar Experience Concierge is Valamar's signature program, designed to inspire you, guests and visitors, to explore and experience the best of your holiday destination.
We have a very cordial and guest-oriented team of people that put a lot of care into what we do, with a common purpose to enhance your holiday experience and make sure you have a memorable stay with Valamar.
In our job we find very rewarding to meet people from all over the world and we also work with some pretty great people along the way, who share our passion for authentic local experiences and service excellence.
On this website your will find a nice set of more than 200 itineraries with trusted content, all designed by our partners for you to delight in bespoke and uplifting stories.
Led by curiosity, eager to learn and explore, we often take part in tours and excursions available on our website and enjoy sharing our own experience and offering personalised assistance, insider knowledge and expertise, making sure we have just what you need.

We are here for you! Feel free to further explore a wide range of our activities and services and contact us for personalised assistance.


We would be delighted to be your host and take care of every aspect of your holiday, from general query about selected Valamar hotel, resort or campsite to a tailored request. We will take the time in making your travel and holiday memorable and enjoyable.


It usually involves great effort to find the right amount of information on things to do or places to visit during your stay. Leave it to us and you will get personalised advice and professional tip on local attractions, gastronomic offer, events, outdoor activities, taxi, transfer and rent-a-car services and all other services you might be interested in. Also, there are always some practical and attractive info and discount vouchers we have on hand.


It is important to enjoy those little pleasures while on holiday. They do make a difference! We are happy to provide more information about Valamar Plus Club loyalty program and assist with membership.


Whether in a smaller group, with your family, friends or just your better half, going on a private tour is a great idea. On this website you will find a number of private tours that offer the option of customising your itinerary. Make use of our local knowledge and specialist advice to arrange a perfect itinerary and capture the most fascinating sights.


Our gift shop features Valamar and Maro brand collection, ranging from practical and functional holiday souvenirs to casual and sporty outfits and accessories. Visit Valamar Experience Concierge online shop and choose that special memento of your travel to Croatia and your stay with Valamar.

Thank you for embarking on a journey with Valamar! Stay engaged. Contact us at: info@valamar-experience.com.

We also look forward to the possibility of meeting you in person at selected hotels, resorts and campsites.