Island of Rab

The island of Rab, which was called Felix Arba (happy island) by the Romans, belongs to the Kvarner Gulf and is only 15 minutes of regular ferry ride away from the land port Stinica. Enter the land of miraculous nature and prepare to be astonished by the interesting geological features and unusual landscapes. Discover stunning sand beaches on the Lopar peninsula, ideal for building castles and leaving traces in the sand. The town of Rab, with its four bell towers, looks like a sail boat with four masts - sail down its streets and discover the true secret of happiness!

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  • Hide from the heat in the Komrčar park, ideal for a picnic on the cooling grass
  • Discover the secrets of fossil snails and soil erosion in Lopar Geopark
  • Find a piece of paradise on Paradise Beach, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia
  • Meet hard-working craftsmen and brave knights from the Middle Ages on Rabska fjera - a medieval summer fair
  • Try local specialties in the taverns that are marked with the Kvarner Gourmet label

It is believed that nudism was born on the island of Rab in Croatia, where King Edward VIII and his future wife Wallis Simpson took a skinny-dip on the Kandarola Beach on the island of Rab in the 1936. By doing so, they unknowingly started the trend of nudism on the island of Rab and contributed to the sudden popularization of the island. Did you know? St Marinus, a stone mason from Rab, came to the Apennine Peninsula in the 4th century and founded the Republic of San Marino.


  • 2600 sunny hours per year
  • 30 sand beaches on the island, which makes Rab the island with the biggest number of sand beaches in Croatia
  • The cradle of naturism on the Adriatic coast with numerous nude beaches
  • The luxury of fresh drinking water - forget about plastic bottles
  • A combination of enchanting Romanesque architecture and sumptuous parks

Active vacation lovers can enjoy 100 km of hiking and cycling trails that lead through the magnificent forests and parks and to the hidden bays that inspire every visitor of the Rab island. Even in the high season, when the island is full of tourists, you can always find a peaceful place for yourself on one of the secluded beaches, in parks or cobblestone lanes of the historic city of Rab.


  • In April, the temperature rises from 8 to 17 °C, and in July and August from 17 to 28 °C, with an average sea temperature of 25 °C
  • Because of its exceptional nature, Rab is beautiful both in the spring and in the autumn, and in the summer, the variety of events make the island even more attractive to the visitors

The best time to visit the island depends solely on your preferences. If you want to attend a variety of events such as Rabska Fjera, Rab Music Nights, Sand Sculpture Festival or Kantuni, we recommend visiting the island from June to September. If you prefer solitude, choose pre-season or post-season when there are not so many tourists and when you can explore the island Robinson Crusoe style.