Istria is a land with a millennia-old history that is in touch with modern times. Come and discover what hides inside the "kažun" and in the "šterna" beside the "hiža" - all examples of Istria’s architectural heritage. In Istria, you can go for a walk through the town of giants, find your own truffles, go diving in an underwater cave or sail the seas of Rabac and Poreč. Take your friends and family on a vacation to the very heart of Europe!

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Best time to visit Istria

  • Straddling the temperate continental and Mediterranean climate zones, it features mild and rainy winters and dry and warm summers, with an average of 2400 sunshine hours per year
  • This specific blend of climates greatly contributed to Istria developing into one of the best holiday destinations all year round

Its exceptionally high number of sunshine hours is bound to turn your summer – and even your winter – into an unforgettable experience on the Adriatic. In spring and autumn, take a walk or go cycling to enjoy Istria’s palette of colours in its full glory. Istria is bound to become your favourite place to enjoy some peace and quiet!

About Istria

  • This is where the first "real" vampire was discovered – Jure Grando from Kringa
  • It boasts countless protected natural beauties. It is the proud holder of the title New Tuscany
  • It is known for its agrotourism and numerous culinary events and taverns – be sure to visit them all!

It the home of several authentic Istrian musical instruments – the "sopele", the "roženice" and the "mih", and of the Istrian music scale which was, in 2009, included in UNESCO’s list of intangible world heritage. It is also home to an abundance of medicinal plants, the rich spirit of tradition and fairs (samanja) where you can buy anything from honey and old postcards to sewing equipment and tractors with good old-fashioned bartering.

Why visit Istria

  • Become part of the international wine fair Vinistra in Poreč
  • Discover the tales and legends concealed by mediaeval towns
  • Visit Brijuni National Park, a group of islands of exceptional beauty
  • Tour one of the many wine trails to discover autochthonous Istrian wine varieties such as Malvasia Get fit on the cycling trails around Poreč

Take a weekend off and relax in the finest wellness centres. Istria’s offer of attractions and events is bound to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of visitors. Come and see for yourself!