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The city of Poreč is renowned for its numerous historical and cultural attractions, but one cathedral has always stood out from the rest with its unusual and valuable history - the Euphrasian basilica, Poreč's most unique attraction. Join us to discover all its treasures, which are considered among of the finest examples of world sacral heritage and art by UNESCO. Let's go, the Euphrasian Basilica is waiting!

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  • The Euphrasian Basilica is one of the most stunning preserved monuments of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean. You'll be fascinated by the glittering mosaics on the façade and interior of the church and by the meticulously decorated authentic 5th century floor mosaics.
  • The construction of the basilica began in the year 553 and it has seen a number of adaptations since then. Learn about the many phases of its construction, adaptation and renovation by looking at the mosaics and preserved inscriptions.
  • Within the complex, consisting of a number of buildings, you can view valuable sacral artefacts and works of art from the early Christian, Byzantine and medieval periods.
  • Who is the Euphrasian Basilica named after? The basilica was commissioned in the 6th century by the bishop Euphrasius, about whose life we know very little. The mosaic in the apse has an inscription that tells us that Euphrasius, upon assuming the title of bishop of Poreč, found the episcopal church to be very unadorned and in poor conditions. He immediately decided to demolish it and build a new church. Thus was born the basilica that UNESCO in 1997 declared a world heritage site.
  • After touring the interior of the basilica, we recommend climbing up the bell tower and enjoying the stunning view of Poreč and its surroundings.
  • The Euphrasian Basilica is located in the old town centre of Poreč, so take the opportunity to stroll along the stone-paved Decumanus and Cardo Maximus streets, built in the Roman period.
  • Walking west along Decumanus street you'll see 2 town towers, a Romanesque House and Gothic palaces, and the route will take you to the beautiful Roman Marafor Square where you can find refreshments at the many cafés and small restaurants.

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