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Cycling trail Bistrooka Lucija

  • Location


  • Duration

    2 h

  • Quick Info

    Route difficulty: difficult

    Length of route: 38.7km

This adventure through eastern Istria begins on the main square of the old town of Labin, a town of art galleries, churches and baroque palaces full of interesting historical figures. After pedalling through the old town streets, continue your trek to Skitača, the highest point of the Labin peninsula. You will reach it after passing through the village of Salakovci after the Labin city cemetery. You will then continue on through Viskovići, and a challenging climb begins in the village of Brovinje. But don’t worry – there are a few lay-bys where you can stop for a break, so you can reach Skitača easily. Four mountain peaks circle this village with a small number of houses and residents, and thanks to its spring dedicated to St. Lucia it is also well-known as a pilgrimage destination. From here, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Kvarner, and even Venice on the horizon. After cycling about Skitača, you will leave the village by a trail near the mountain lodge that joins with a small road on the eastern side of the village, which leads to the village of Ravni. You can reach Sveta Marina through the villages of Drenje and Crni, from where you will return to old Labin.

  • Available months: all months
  • Available weekdays: all days

Route: Labin – Salakovci – Viškovići – Brovinje – Skitača – Sv. Marina – Labin

More details

  • Surface type: asphalt
  • Elevation gain: 990m
  • Highest point: 451m


  • In Skitača, near the mountain lodge, there is a rock with a healing spring. The water that pours forth is known as the “Tears of St. Lucia”, which are believed to help with eye and vision problems. Since you’re already here, you may as well test this belief.
  • On the way from Skitača to Labin, take a break at one of the beaches and take in the beauty of the crystal clear sea and pristine nature.
  • In Labin, pedal through the narrow cobblestone streets to art ateliers and workshops. Climb up the bell tower and take in a bird’s eye view of the old town centre.
  • You should also get to know Labin’s underground. Visit the National Museum and its permanent exhibition on mining and find out more about the lives of Labin’s miners. In the 150m long hallway, you can experience a slice of the atmosphere in Labin’s old coal mines, and you’ll quickly learn why the official miner’s greeting was “Good luck!”.
  • Labin is a town of visionaries and revolutionary ideas – discover why at Franković palace, which houses the Matthias Flacius Illyricus collection. Flacius, who was born in Labin, worked closely with Martin Luther, and was one of the most influential advocates of Protestant reform.

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