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Arch of the Sergii

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History tells many interesting  tales, and one of them is written in the streets of Pula. The story about the Sergii family still intrigues many lovers of history and ancient culture today. Stop by the Arch of the Sergii and admire its architecture, which attracts the attention of great numbers of visitors. Tour Pula and find out everything about the leaders, warriors and builders of the days of yore!

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More details

  • One of the best preserved and most beautiful Antique period monuments in Pula.
  • The name ˝Golden Gate˝ originates from its position next to the city gates (Porta Aurea), named after the lavishness of the decorative arch or the gold plating of the frame.
  • It was probably erected between 30 and 10 BC by Salvia Postuma.

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