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Brijuni National Park

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    Brijuni islands

Located opposite Fažana on the west coast of Istria, Brijuni are a world-famous group of islands whose natural beauty and eventful history enrich the cultural heritage of Croatia. The Brijuni islands, which were declared a national park in 1983, are a popular tourist destination for both adults and children. This paradise on earth (as many call it) is home to many animal and plant species, which is bound to delight kids.

Visit the islands of Brijuni and enjoy! 

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More details

  • Visit the National Park's branch in Fažana and select the trip of your choice - single admission, tour of the Veliki Brijun island, cycling on Brijuni, tour of the educational underwater trail in Verige Bay (Veliki Brijun) or a professionally guided tour of the archaeological localities.
  • Select the tour of Veliki Brijun to experience the island's magical beaches and the safari park that features many exotic animals. Discover the ruins of the 1st-century Roman villa located in Verige Bay, the Gothic chapel of St Germain from the 15th century, the natural history collection and photo exhibition ˝Tito on Brijuni˝.
  • If you prefer to experience the islands on 2 wheels, rent a bike on Veliki Brijun for three hours and head for the 13.3-kilometre-long cycling trail. The trail is suitable for families with children and recreational cyclists and features breathtaking landscapes, exotic animals, cultural and historical attractions and a beautiful swimming spot in Saluga Bay. 
  • If you wish to tour the islands on your own and enjoy the tranquil beauty of its natural environment, we recommend the pedestrian and cycling trail called Good Vibrations Trail.
  • Don’t miss out on visiting the educational underwater trail in Verige Bay (Veliki Brijun) that comes with a special underwater audio experience. On this 500-metre-long trail, you will be swimming and diving with a mask and snorkel with a built-in receiver that allows you to hear audio instructions from land. Enjoy taking underwater photos of fish and shellfish and a magnificent hydroarchaeological locality - part of a lavish Roman villa complex from the 1st century that, due to a rise in sea level, ended up under water.
  • Bring sturdy footwear, headgear and enough water and head on tour of the most important archaeological localities on Brijuni together with a professional tour guide. You will have the opportunity to discover a Byzantine castrum, the Basilica of St Mary, a fort from the Bronze age, a Roman residential villa and the Church of St Germain from the 15th century.
  • On Brijuni, you can also play tennis in the shade of pine trees, or play gold on the sandy greens.
  • Sailors can moor their vessels in the port on Veliki Brijun or in the Bay of St Nicholas on the island of Mali Brijun. A concierge will welcome them on the island to make sure that they have the best time possible on the island - from organising trips with electric cars or bikes and golf and tennis matches, to gala lunches and dinners at special locations.

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