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Cycling trail Casanova

  • Location

    Vrsar, Lim bay

  • Duration

    1:45 h

  • Quick Info

    Route difficulty: easy

    Length of route: 22.7 km

Head from the centre of town up the windy streets to the old Romanesque city gate beside the 17th century Church of St. Anthony of Padua, and continue on to the square with the Church of St. Martin, the bell tower and the old fortress. The route then leads you out of town towards the south to the neighbourhood of Kapetanova stancija, and then towards Crljenka airport where you can spice up your bike ride with an aerial adventure (see details below). The next point on the route is St. Romuald's Cave, where you can explore traces of a Palaeolithic culture. After seeing the cave, continue on beside the vineyards and olive groves, whose fruits were once surely sampled by Casanova himself, and you'll find yourself before Kontija forest, full of pines, oaks and lush vegetation. The route will then take you to Kloštar, a village on the northern side of the Lim bay, and then through Šeraj to the village of Marasi, where much needed refreshments will be waiting for you before you head back to Vrsar.

  • Available months: all months
  • Available weekdays: all days

Route: Vrsar – Crljenka airport – Lim bay – Šeraj – Marasi – Vrsar

More details

  • Surface type: asphalt (5.3km) and macadam (17.4km)
  • Elevation gain: 150m
  • Highest point: 93m


  • In the centre of Vrsar, discover old city walls and romantic cobblestone streets. Ride by the Church of St. Anthony of Padua and look for the year it was built carved into the arch over the door. You can also take a rest beneath its portico, which was designed both as a gathering place and a spot to provide shelter from summer heat or rain.
  • For those looking for signs of Casanova, somewhere in town there is a house with two stone figures of women with round faces and full bosoms built into its walls. As he came back to the town twice, a street was also dedicated to him.
  • Continue on and you'll find the parish Church of St. Martin on Vrsar square, with a bell tower and an old fortress that once served as the residential palace of the bishop of Poreč. Look for the sundial on the facade of its left tower and try to read the correct time.
  • When you reach Vrsar's airport after 2km of riding, a real challenge will be waiting for you. How about a panoramic airplane ride above the 18 islets of the Vrsar archipelago? If you prefer to keep your adventures on land, rent a horse and ride off into the sunset. Just like Casanova.
  • You will also find St. Romuald's Cave on this route, named after the hermit saint Romuald. The cave is home to a colony of greater mouse-eared bats.
  • The route also runs by the Kontija forest above the Lim bay, where you will find an Oriental hornbeam tree over 140 years old.
  • On the north side of the Lim bay, you will ride through Kloštar – a village with the ruins of the 10th century Benedictine monastery of St. Michael, where St. Romuald himself lived for a time.
  • After passing the village of Marasi, the route will take you back to Vrsar, where you can sit on the square and watch a spectacular sunset with a glass of wine in your hand. We're sure that's exactly what Casanova would do.

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